When Mosquito Nets USA customer, Vanessa, moved into her downtown Dallas apartment, she loved the view from her apartment balcony. What she did not love were the mosquitoes that inundated her balcony after the spring showers. Vanessa ordered a piece of Black Heavy-Duty Mosquito Netting to screen her balcony with and after a few minutes of cutting and stapling, Vanessa had a completely mosquito-free balcony that she could enjoy once again!

Vanessa ordered:

1 piece of Black Heavy-Duty Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 15 ft total cost: $90.00

Vanessa's apartment balcony has two sides with a pillar/post in the middle. Luckily for Vanessa, her balcony already had wooden frame around the edges, so all she had to do was measure her balcony with a tape measure and then order online from Mosquito Nets USA. 

Within 7 days of ordering her netting at MosquitoNetsUSA.com, Vanessa received her netting in the mail. She cut the 12 ft x 15 ft piece of netting in half with a pair of scissors, so that she would have one 12 ft x 7.5 ft piece of netting for each side of the balcony opening. 

Starting at the upper left corner, Vanessa began stapling the netting to the wooden frame that ran around the balcony opening. She made sure to use at least one staple every 2-3 inches, so that the netting would be secure and so that no mosquitoes could get in around the edges. After stapling  the netting all the way around, Vanessa trimmed the excess netting with a pair of scissors. Vanessa left 4 inches of netting at the bottom to act as a skirt and to keep mosquitoes from flying up underneath the netting. 

With both sides of her balcony screened with Heavy-Duty Porch & Patio Mosquito Netting, Vanessa will be able to enjoy her view of downtown Dallas for many summers to come. Using only a stapler, a pair of scissors, and a measuring tape, Vanessa was able to screen in her balcony by herself within just a few minutes and for less than $84! 

Do you have an apartment balcony? Are you sick of mosquitoes? You can screen in your apartment balcony or patio for less than $100 and we can help you! We have helped over 7,000 customers and we can find a design that will work for you and comply with your apartment leasing office's requirements! Contact us now at info@mosquitonetsusa.com and let's get started on making your apartment balcony mosquito free!