Mosquito Nets USA customer, Tracey, used five pieces of Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting to create curtains for her beautiful 1950s New York bungalow home. 

Tracey ordered:

1 piece of Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 15 ft 

2 pieces of Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 12 ft

1 piece of Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 9 ft

1 piece of Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 6 ft

Total cost: $324.00



Tracey designed each curtain to fill the space between each post on her patio. When Tracey opens the curtains, she can tie each curtain to its patio post with a bright blue curtain tie, which matches her patio accent colors. 

During the daytime, when mosquitoes and bugs are less active, Tracey can keep her mosquito curtains open and relax in her sun chairs, enjoying the warm summer breeze. 

As the sun begins to set and those pesky mosquitoes become active, Tracey closes her patio curtains for the evening and enjoys time with her family in the comfort of her mosquito-free patio!

So how did Tracey design her patio? Let's find out!

Using a standard sewing machine, standard nylon thread, and a regular needle, Tracey sewed a 4 inch sleeve at the top of each curtain. Sewing the sleeve was easy because all she had to do was fold the edge of the netting onto itself and then sew a straight line at the base of the fold, sewing all the way across the netting panel. 

After sewing sleeves into the netting, Tracey went to her local Lowe's Home Improvement store and picked up a few things:

4 pieces of 10 ft long 3/4 inch diameter aluminum EMT conduit (pictured below)

4 pieces 3/4 EMT conduit coupling

2 pieces 3/4 EMT conduit 90 degree elbows

1 bag of 3/4 EMT conduit straps (20 straps per bag)

1 can of metal primer spray paint

1 can of white spray paint (made to be used on metal)

Tracey's total cost at Lowe's: $39.65

Tracey sprayed primer paint on all of the conduit pieces and then spray painted them all white to match the white framing of her patio. 

3/4 inch diameter 10 ft long aluminum EMT conduit rod (approx. $4.20 per piece)

3/4 in. diameter aluminum EMT conduit 90 elbow piece (approx. $4.10 per piece)

3/4 in. diameter aluminum EMT conduit coupling (approx. $2.30 for a 5-pack)

3/4 in diameter aluminum EMT conduit 1-hole strap (approx $4.10 for a 20-pack)


After painting all of the conduit pieces, Tracey began installing the pieces onto the patio frame. Tracey used a EMT conduit strap (the mounts) where each curtain ended and the next curtain began. Tracey used the couplings to connect the long pieces of conduit rods with the 90 degree conduit elbows. As she installed the conduit rods, she also slid the mosquito netting curtains onto the conduit rods. With the conduit rods and mosquito net curtains in place, Tracey has a completely mosquito-free patio! 

Here is a diagram of how Tracey installed the conduit rods:

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