After dealing with mosquitoes invading his deck for years, Mosquito Nets USA customer, Ramzi, decided that it was finally time to screen in his deck and be able to enjoy his mosquito-free deck once and for all!

Ramzi ordered:

1 piece of Black Heavy-Duty Porch & Patio Mosquito Netting - 6 ft x 36 ft

Total cost: $108.00

This "before" photo shows Ramzi's deck as it looked before adding mosquito netting. Since Ramzi only needed to screen the area between his deck railing and the deck roof, Ramzi ordered a single 6 ft x 36 ft piece of Heavy-Duty Mosquito Netting. 

After receiving the netting from Mosquito Nets USA, Ramzi trimmed it down a bit with a pair of scissors and then attached the netting to his deck roof and deck railing with simple thumb tacks and a hammer. 

Ramzi used about 150 thumb tacks to attach the netting, ensuring that the netting would stay attached to the deck and that no mosquitoes could get through at the top or bottom. Ramzi used thumb tacks instead of staples or nails because he needs the netting in the spring and summer to keep the mosquitoes out, but he wants to be able to take the netting down easily and store it away for the snowy winter months. 

Since the Black Heavy-Duty Mosquito Netting looks almost exactly like window screening, Ramzi loves that the netting blocks all mosquitoes, flies, and bees, without reducing his visibility or blocking his view of his beautiful backyard. 

Ramzi's ingenious use of thumb tacks to attach the netting and his plan to use the netting seasonally means that he will be able to use the netting on his deck for years to come and enjoy each summer without ever having to worry about mosquitoes! 

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