Living in the huge Indian metropolis of Hyderabad presents a lot of exciting opportunities for work, education, and cultural experiences for the young family of Mosquito Nets USA customer, Nick. On assignment from the U.S. government, Nick has moved his family into a beautiful, modern 3-story townhouse. However, living overseas can also present challenges, including the scourge of disease-carrying mosquitoes. In Hyderabad, these mosquitoes have been known to be carriers of the dengue fever virus and the Chikungunya virus, so Nick has gone to great lengths to ensure that his children can enjoy the home's outdoor balcony in peace!

Nick ordered:

2 pieces of Black Heavy-Duty Porch & Patio Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 9 ft

Nick's total cost: $108.00

Nick's kids love to play in the two-sided balcony above the carport, so after ordering the two pieces of mosquito netting from Mosquito Nets USA and shipping it to India, Nick figured out a way to seal both openings using the 12 ft x 9 ft nets. 

When Nick moved into the Hyderabad townhouse, he had all of his family's possessions shipped to India in large wooden shipping containers. With the containers now empty and effectively useless, Nick removed the 4 x 8 plywood walls of the shipping containers and cut them into 3 inch wide plywood strips. After pre-drilling with masonry bits and a cordless drill, Nick screwed the 3 inch wide plywood strips along the balcony edges as a base frame. 

Nick put the netting up and stapled it into place with T50 staples. With the netting stapled to the base frame, Nick then added a second layer plywood strips, sandwiching the netting between these new plywood strips and the first layer of plywood strips. He then used the cordless drill and screws to firmly attach the new plywood strips to the frame. With notoriously high humidity in India, Nick filled any gaps in the plywood "sandwich" with expanding joint sealant foam. 

"All day and night we see mosquitoes battling to get through the nets, but they're all being stopped!" - Nick

Knowing that the netting will keep the mosquitoes out, Nick now spends his evenings after work playing games with his kids on the balcony while the Indian sun descends beyond the western horizon and casts fading rays of crimson red across the Hyderabad skyline. Tonight, the mosquitoes will have to endure another sleepless night on an empty stomach! 

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