Mosquito Nets USA customer, Gena, creatively used a piece of white All-Purpose Mosquito Netting both as decor, matching her 1930s safari-theme baby shower, and also to keep out mosquitoes from getting into the party tent that she rented for the occasion. 

Gena ordered:

1 piece of white All-Purpose Mosquito Netting - 9 ft x 60 ft

Gena's total cost: $115.98 (new lower price of $89.10!!)

At her beautiful Pennsylvania home, Gena began planning a old-timey safari-themed baby shower. She knew that she wanted to have a large, white party tent, a 1930 Ford Model A, safari-theme decor, and a wonderful lineup of desserts to celebrate the expected arrival of her grandchild. 

Gena rented a large party tent from a local rental company, but the rental company did not offer any type of netting to enclose the tent. Gena knew that throwing a large outdoor event in Pennsylvania in the spring would attract flies, mosquitoes, and other pests, so she decided to order white All-Purpose Mosquito Netting from 

Gena ordered a 9 ft x 60 ft piece of netting, which would be large enough to enclose the entire tent. When she got the netting, she laid the netting out across her lawn, and cut the netting in the middle with a pair of scissors, so she would have two large pieces of netting to work with. 

After the tent rental company set up the tent, Gena found that there was a rope running around entire edge of the tent, so she realized that she could easily attach the mosquito netting to the rope with simple clips. Once she had attached the netting to the tent rope, she used white fabric to tie the netting to the tent poles, creating a grand entrance where guests could enter into the world of a 20th-Century safari expedition. 

Once inside the tent, Gena's guests were astounded by the incredible level of detail Gena put into creating an authentic feel of the 1930s. 

Separated from the modern world and protected from mosquitoes by the great wall of mosquito netting, Gena's guests could enjoy a nice cup of tea in comfort and admire the stunning cake Gena had made for the baby shower! 

Can you believe the attention to detail in this cake?? Truly delightful! This is the type of cake you just know Mary Berry would approve of! 

At Mosquito Nets USA, we are so proud of Gena and the lovely way she has used our mosquito netting both as a type of decor and for practical use. Maybe, like Gena, you have an idea for your wedding, wedding shower, baby shower, or party and you are thinking about using our netting? We would love to help you! We have helped over 7,000 customers turn their ideas into realities and we will be so happy to help with your idea!

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