notes from customer:
To be honest I feel a bit ashamed about how I've used the mosquito netting as I've stuck it into the wood of our porch with thumb tacks! I did intend on sewing a small rail into the top of the net but as I'm renting (and lazy...), in the end I decided just to be careful about the weather and minimize alterations to the apartment. The netting has been holding up wonderfully and is extremely sturdy (I got two pieces of the heavy duty variety). I would never have risked the thumb tacks with normal mosquito netting but this stuff has held up very impressively over the past month of a hot, stormy and humid New Jersey summer. There are no tears at all from being taken down multiple times and braving some medium strength winds. The black netting also is perfect because it doesn't block the view at all and is very inoffensive looking. Poor airflow has also not been an issue and heat doesn't really seem to be trapped by the netting at all.
All in all, I've been so happy with your product and would recommend it to anyone. The price point and value is perfect especially considering how sturdy the netting is. Having this mosquito netting has made COVID-19 lockdown during summer infinitely better now that we can enjoy our small slice of the outside world. Thank you!!
9 ft x 6 ft Heavy-Duty Black
9 ft x 15 ft Heavy-Duty Black
New Jersey