In a small smokehouse 20 miles west of the Mississippi River and in the heart of Louisiana, Mosquito Nets USA customer, Earl, spent many hot summer hours serving up ribs, brisket, and pulled pork for his hungry customers at his popular drive-in restaurant, Platinum BBQ Drive-In. Earl found that he needed a way to keep mosquitoes out of his smokehouse without blocking airflow for his smoker. Earl's problems were solved with a quick order from Mosquito Nets USA!

Earl ordered:

1 piece of Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 66 ft total cost: $396.00

Knowing that proper ventilation would be extremely important for his meat smoker, Earl chose the Black Heavy-Duty Mosquito Netting, which has 230 holes per sq inch and allows for 85% airflow. The netting would be fine enough to keep out all mosquitoes without trapping smoke from the smoker. 

Earl's smokehouse is made of a wood frame with diamond vinyl lattice covering the entire frame. Earl took the mosquito netting, stapled it to the framing and lattice, and then trimmed off the excess netting, and voila, he had a mosquito-free and fly-free smokehouse in just minutes! 

Without having to worry about mosquitoes and flies getting into his smokehouse, Earl can now focus more on smoking tasty meats and continuing to keep his loyal customers happy! 

Earl's restaurant business is booming and we are just so excited for him. At Mosquito Nets USA, our goal is finding a solution to any problem, and so far, we've found solutions for over 7,000 customers and we are certain we can find a solution for you, too! 

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