A gifted artist, Mosquito Nets USA customer, David, needed to keep mosquitoes out of his art studio without interfering with ventilation. David is not just a talented painter, but also a great designer because his netting set-up is one of the most well-designed we have seen so far! 

David ordered: 

1 piece of Black Heavy-Duty Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 12 ft

Total cost of netting: $72.00

After being inspired by designs he saw on a now-defunct screening company's website, David ordered a 12 ft x 12 ft square piece of Black Heavy-Duty Mosquito Netting and got to work. He started by stapling the top edge of the netting into the wood frame above the garage opening. 

David and his wife then sewed zippers onto both sides of the netting, sealing both sides from top to bottom. When David needs to roll up the netting, he just slides each zipper open and lets the netting hang free. 

Next, David's wife sewed a piece of aluminum conduit into the bottom of the netting. The conduit rods adds weight and rigidity to the bottom of the netting, which is something David knew he would need for the netting to be able to roll up properly. With the rod sewn into the bottom edge of the netting, David then stapled three pieces of paracord rope into the wood frame at equal distances apart across the top of the opening on the front/exterior side of the garage opening, looped the ropes underneath the conduit rod, and then attached them to a pulley-rod that he installed at the top of the wood frame on the back/interior side of the garage opening. 

With the three pieces of paracord rope attached to the pulley rod on the inside of the garage door, David then added a single piece of rope to the end of the pulley rod, allowing him to roll up and let down the netting using the same basic design as a roll-up window blind. David put a cleat into the wall, which he could wrap the pulley rod rope around to keep the netting from rolling down after he had rolled it up. 

At the end of an inspired day of painting murals, David lets the netting roll down, closes the zippers on each side, and closes the garage door for the night. 

It is hard to say which is more impressive: David's design or the fact that the entire set-up, netting included, cost him less than $100?? Either way, it's incredible and David belongs in the Mosquito Nets USA Customer Hall of Fame! 

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