Mosquito Nets USA customer, Darryl, had a major problem: his second-floor deck was completely enclosed but mosquitoes and other bugs were managing to come up through the floor boards from his first-floor unscreened patio and into his enclosed deck. To solve this problem, Darryl ordered a single seamless panel of heavy-duty mosquito netting and stapled it to the floor framing below the deck. 

Darryl ordered: 

1 piece of Heavy-Duty Black Mosquito Netting 12 ft x 21 ft

Cost of netting: $126.00

In Darryl's own words:

"I used the netting to keep insects from entering my enclosed deck from the bottom floor boards. Since installing, not one bug has appeared inside of my enclosure.  I used staples and about a foot of velcro (1 part stapled to the top of the deck and the other part to the netting) to one end of the netting to get anything that may fall through the deck board cracks unto the netting. This netting is very strong and I'm very happy with it. Now when the weather is right, I can leave the door open that separates the house and deck (See pic) and not worry about insects coming into my home."

The photo above shows the cracks in the floorboards where the bugs had been coming through into Darryl's enclosed upper-floor deck.

This photo shows how Darryl stapled a single 12 ft x 21 ft piece of heavy-duty mosquito netting all the way across the ceiling of his unscreened patio. The netting now blocks bugs from going through the floorboards and up into the enclosed deck space above. 

Darryl did a great job with his DIY project and it looks awesome!

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