Located 80 miles north-east of Nigeria's capital of Lagos, Ibadan is the largest city in Nigeria and the home of engineer and Mosquito Nets USA customer, Abraham. Working with a local fabric designer, Abraham transformed his heavy-duty mosquito netting into beautiful, functional curtains for his patio for a fraction of the cost of what other U.S. mosquito netting companies had quoted him. 

Abraham ordered:

2 pieces of Black Heavy-Duty Porch & Patio Mosquito Netting - 12 ft x 75 ft

Total netting cost: $900.00


At his beautiful home, Abraham enjoyed entertaining friends and colleagues on his spacious patio, but being out on the patio could be a literal pain for his guests, as the mosquitoes buzzed in for a quick snack. 

Abraham had his designer sew 2 inch curtain sleeves at the top of each netting panel and inserted the sleeves onto 1/2 inch iron rods that he then bracketed to the horizontal patio beams. This allows Abraham to slide open the curtains on each side and close them as necessary. 

Abraham had his designer sew in Velcro at the edge of each panel so that he can seal the netting from mosquitoes but also be able to easily go in and out of the patio between the panels. 

With his patio completely sealed against mosquitoes, Abraham is now able to entertain his guests on the elegant patio and enjoy meals without being mosquito meals! 

Are you interested in making your own mosquito netting curtains and need help with your ideas or want a quote for your patio? With 6 years of experience and over 7,000 satisfied customers, we can help you turn your idea into a reality! Send us an email at info@mosquitonetsusa.com and let us help you get started on your idea!