Heavy-Duty Composite No-See-Um Netting - BLACK

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About This Netting

Stronger than standard no-see-um netting and with smaller holes than mosquito netting, our Heavy-Duty Composite No-See-Um Netting is a truly unique fabric and exclusive to Mosquito Nets USA. 

First, we start with a much stronger and thicker thread than is used in standard no-see-um netting. This thread gives the netting strength, structure, and durability. As the machine is knitting with this thicker thread, a second thinner thread is woven through the netting, adding thin strands between the thicker strands.

By combining both thicker and thinner threads in this composite netting, we are able to maximize strength and airflow while also blocking no-see-ums from getting through. It is a win-win for everyone but the bugs! 

  • Sold by the linear yard from 3 ft wide rolls, 6 ft wide rolls, 9 ft wide rolls, and 12 ft wide XL rolls
  • 400 holes per square inch
  • 300 denier (a measure of both weight and fabric strength)
  • 100% Marine-Grade Polyester
  • Solution-dyed and milled in the United States
Who We Are

Mosquito Nets USA is focused on one goal: providing high-quality Made-in-USA mosquito netting at affordable prices to DIY customers.

My company was started in 2012 after searching online for mosquito netting for my parents' patio. Local hardware and home improvement stores did not have netting large enough for a patio and an online company quoted me $1,200 for ready-to-hang patio curtains.

$1,200 was more than my parents' mortgage payment, and being a sophomore in college with $1,000 to my name, I set about finding a way to bring affordable, durable Made-in-USA mosquito netting to middle-class consumers like my parents.

In May 2012, I dropped out of college and started Mosquito Nets USA and my team and I have been working hard ever since!

Through great prices, excellent customer service, and pre-order and post-order customer support, we have brought happiness to over 9,000 customers worldwide and we are excited to show YOU why our products and service are rated 5 STARS