Tropic Screen II Mosquito Net Tent

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This product has been discontinued and is now out of stock. For an alternative tent,we recommend the IPS Mosquito Net Tent.

One of the few mosquito net tents that can comfortably accomodate two people in sleeping bags, the Tropic Screen II is an excellent option for the world-trekking couple or the father-son hunting team. The Tropic Screen II is fully enclosed, free standing, and only takes a minute or two to set up. The floor is made of waterproof nylon, and the fine no-see-um netting is 425 squares-per-inch mesh. Weighing in at only 3 lbs., this lightweight tent measures 91" long, 53" wide. 36" high.

What can this mosquito net tent be used for?

  • Couples on the go. Whether you are trekking through jungles or staying in a hotel in a tropical region, this tent will give you some peace of mind as you drift off to sleep.
  • Lone ranger with a cot. Although this tent cannot accomodate two cots, it can be fully enclose one, making this a great tent for soldiers, aid workers, and backpackers.