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Unfortunately, we have run out of MOZZIE JACKETS and this product has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience and recommend the LHD BUG JACKET as an alternative!

In mosquito country, the Mozzie Jacket is a must-have. The loose, non-clinging netting and taut elastic bands ensure that no mosquitoes are able to bite the wearer's head, neck, arms, or torso.

The jacket is made from 364 holes per sq. inch polyester netting, which surpasses the World Health Organization's recommendation of 156 holes per sq. inch.

At the base of the neck, the Mozzie Jacket has a zipper to convert the jacket into a hoodie-style shirt.

MNUSA Recommendation

I really like the Mozzie Jacket for four reasons: (1) the jacket is made from ultra-fine netting and protects the wearer from not just mosquitoes, but black flies, sand flies, and midges as well, (2) the zippered hood allows the wearer to unzip the hood and eat without having to remove the jacket, (3) the jacket is very lightweight and comfortable, which is important in hot and humid climates, (4) the elastic bands are both thick and tight and grip the wearer's wrists and waist without being constrictive or uncomfortable. I have to say that the first time I wore this jacket, I was thoroughly impressed.

Material: Polyester Netting

Fineness: 364 holes per square inch

Color: Forest Green

Weight: 2.1 ounces

Jacket fits 5'5"-5'10" wearer

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Steven Du
Dominican Republic


Although it took 2 weeks to get here (well, it did have to travel all the way here to the Dominican Republic), this bug shirt is already proving itself worthy! I just got home from the work site and I have not found a single red mark anywhere on me! I'm looking forward to itchless nights. :)