Kid's Bug Socks

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Designed for U.S. 2-5Y shoe sizes (ages 6-10), the Kid's Bug Socks will protect your child's feet and ankles from mosquitoes and other harmful insects

The socks are made of ultra-fine mosquito netting, fit up to a size 5Y U.S. kid's shoe size, and have a nylon-encased shock cord that ensures that the socks will not fall down.

While these socks can be worn comfortably inside of shoes, they can also be worn barefoot. These socks are great for family hikes in the woods or to protect your child while he or she plays outside!

Material: 400 holes per sq. in. polyester mosquito netting

Height: 11.5 inches

Size: Up to size 5Y U.S. Kid's Size

Color: Olive

Weight: 1 ounce

What can these socks be used for?

  • Being barefoot outdoors during peak mosquito season.
  • Protecting your ankles during a day hike in the mountains.