GI-Style 5 ft-Wide Mosquito Netting - Olive Drab

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Our G.I.-style polypropylene mosquito netting is our preferred netting for hunters and military-oriented customers who want to stay protected from mosquitoes in the field but do not want to give their position away. The netting is untreated, reducing scent detection, and has 140 holes per square inch, which will keep out mosquitoes and most small bugs.

The netting is mildew and rot resistant, which makes it great for use outdoors for long periods of time. This netting is 5 feet wide and sold in lengths of 5, 10, 15, and 20 yards. The netting is OD Green in color and free samples of this netting are available. If you are unsure if this netting will work for you, we highly recommend ordering a free sample (delivery in 3 days or less) and you can test the netting for yourself!

Material: Polypropylene

Fineness: 140 holes per square inch

Color: OD Military Green

Width: 5 feet

Sold in 5 linear yard increments (5, 10, 15, and 20 linear yards)

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Michelle S.
United States

" bats in the belfrey"

Excellent, very strong fabric, enough to keep bats from coming back in the church. We covered a 10X13 foot roof with the mosquito net, which worked beautifully, and at the same time was kind to the bats, so they could leave the roof. Hope they found a good home elsewhere!

Trevor K.
United States

Great samples

Very positive experience

Ali Massoud
United States

Good quality

Just received the 10 ft wide netting for my existing porch/deck. Received in time with no hastle. Quality of the product is good, only time will how its durability.

Jay Canton
United States


I opened the box and found some dead leaves in my net but it looks good and matches the sample I requested.

Mahmous Ali
United States

Worked well

I went to Haiti in November 2014 for a job and took two nets with me. They were robust enough to last three weeks on-site and cheap enough to leave behind for the next contractors to use. I think they will last there for a long time.