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Designed for use by the U.S. military and made to fit on a military cot, the IBNS is the most lightweight, compact, durable, effective, and easily deployable mosquito net tent in the world.

Lightweight: The IBNS weighs a mere 30 oz (1.90 lbs/0.85 kg).

Compact: While the IBNS measures 90" in length and has a height of 25" at the head of the tent, to 20" at the foot of the tent when fully deployed, the IBNS coils into a stored size of only 13" x 13" x 3".

Secure: The IBNS can be securely fitted onto a military cot using push-and-lock straps on all four corners.

Durable: The floor of the IBNS is made from 1200mm waterproof 70 Denier 1.9 oz. ripstop nylon, and the frame is supported by a strong, ultra-light .134-inch diameter pultruded fiberglass rod that winds around the shelter.

Effective: The IBNS features 0.7mm Permethrin bonded mosquito netting that repels mosquitoes and no-see-ums, and is EPA-registered.

Easily deployable: The IBNS sets up in less than 3 seconds and be stored within 30 seconds. The shelter automatically snaps into shape once the cinch strap is removed and no assembly or set-up is required.

Upgradeable: The IBNS can be upgraded with the EBNS fly, which protects the IBNS user from the elements.

Fire retardent: The IBNS is CPAI-84 fire retardent rated.

What can this mosquito net tent be used for? The IBNS is very popular amongst U.S. Marines because it protects them from mosquitoes, sandflies, and midges without impeding airflow (which is very important in the hot climates in which the Marines are deployed), while still being lightweight and compact. It is also popular amongst humanitarian aid workers, hunters, soldiers, photographers, world trekkers, and all those who work in the mosquito-infested regions of the world.


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Ray W.
United States

Great Tent when I used it in 2013

Protected me from mosquitos at Summit Bechtel

Cass Martineau
United States

Home away from home

The tent is hands down the best I've ever used. It got me through my entire MSF trip and I left it behind with another nurse whose own tent was less than amazing. I'll be ordering another of these next month!

russell volkin
United States

russell volkin

I just want to say that the owner trevor is very helpfull and very kind. Im glad to support him and his company.

Ty Cook
United States


Good tent. Thanks

Stephan Kern

Great replacement

Was issued an IBNS shelter through my CAF unit. That tent lasted 11 years before needing to be replaced, so hoping I can get another 11 out of this one!