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Made to fit on hostel and bungalow beds, the Greek-inspired Santorini Mosquito Net Tent is a fantastic, quaint indoor shelter. This is the kind of tent that you can set up in your room and read a book in while a gentle breeze blows through.

The tent comes in a retro-style, two-tone waterproof bag that has a carrying handle on the top and is easily accessible through a side zipper. When packed, the bag measures 26 inches (60 centimeters) in diameter and weighs 2.3 lbs.

To set it up, you simply unzip the bag, pull out the tent, undo the elastic cinch strap that keeps the tent closed, and the tent automatically opens up on its own.

The tent measures 6 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and is 4 feet tall in the center. The Santorini is floorless, so you can still sleep under the covers of your bed while still inside the shelter. The sides of the Santorini have elastic straps to secure it to your mattress and there is a 6 inch skirt along the bottom.

There is one double-sided zipper on the side of the tent for easy access.

Like all pop-up tents, folding it can be a bit tricky, but fortunately, we have made a detailed video for you so that you can see exactly how to fold the Santorini! If you have any questions about folding your Santorini, you can always call or email us and we will do our best to help you.

MNUSA Recommendation

The Santorini Mosquito Net Tent is a great budget tent. It is the only tent we sell that is floorless and designed for use on beds.

The only aspect of the Santorini is that it is not designed for tall people. Being 6 foot, I sleep in it diagonally or in the fetal position, which is fine, but I would not recommend this tent for anyone over 74 inches tall.

If you are a backpacker and are looking for something a bit more compact than the Santorini, I would highly recommend the Summer Net Tent. The Summer Net Tent is a traditional frame tent, so it takes a bit longer to set up, but it can be rolled up very compactly and it is about the same weight as the Santorini. As a fellow backpacker, I know how valuable space is!

Material Polyester Netting
Fineness 156 holes per sq. inch
Color White w/ Light Blue Trim
Length (deployed) 72 in./183 cm
Width (deployed) 48 in./122o cm
Height (deployed) 48 in./122 cm
Diameter (packed) 26 in./66cm
Height (packed) 4 in./10 cm
Weight 2.30 lbs./1.05 kg
Manufacturer Serenitu